Concealed-Carry Handgun Permit Qualification

Defensive Shotguns

Defensive Shotguns vs rifles and handguns: The shotgun, configured as below, is a "gun for all occasions." It is the most intimidating defensive firearm. Out to 40-60 meters, with #4 Buckshot or even large birdshot, it is almost impossible to miss a target. With a rifled slug, out to about 175 meters, it is an .87 caliber (well over 1oz. in weight), rifle. It has unmatched stopping power, with #4 Buckshot to a range of 25-35 meters and the same is true with a rifled slug out to 175 meters. But, it can not be concealed like a handgun and does not have the long range of a rifle and both the semi-automatic pistols and rifles hold many more bullets/shells.

The defensive scattergun is defined by 18" barrels (the shortest legal length), rifle sights so as to shoot slugs accurately, an open choke so as to have the proper spread with birdshot or buckshot, and an external shell holder for immediate ammo re-supply (in the external shell holders there are two birdshot, two #4 Buckshot, and two rifled slugs), all five below also have after-market extra-cushion recoil pads. All except #4 are Mossbergs. #4 is a Norenco. The array below encompasses the three shotgun actions: double-barrel, pump, and semi-automatic.

  1. Model 835, 3.5" ultra-magnum, pump action, adjustable/light enhanced sights, 6-shot, with kevlar "thumb hole" stock.
  2. Model 930, 3" magnum, semi-automatic, military-grade (all steel with adjustable military sights), 8-shot, with kevlar stock.
  3. Model 590-A1, 3" magnum, pump-action, military-grade (all steel with military sights), 7-shot, with kevlar stock.
  4. Model 99 Norenco, Double-barrel, all steel, "Coach Gun," 3" magnum, exposed hammers (highly recommended on a defensive double-barrel), after-market rifle sights, hardwood stock.
  5. Model 500, 3" magnum, pump-action, lightweight (steel/aluminum), with our choice of an after-market top-folding stock (which also adds adjustable rifle sights), 7-shot.
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