Concealed-Carry Handgun Permit Qualification

Links To People Who, And Organizations That, Will Well-Serve Your Concealed-Carry And Personal Defense Needs:

Note: Do not purchase a personal defense firearm without taking this, or an at least equivalent, course. Speak to competent people about concealed-carry and defensive firearm training, instructor qualifications, course costs and especially course-content, and the costs of firearms and accessories. All of these areas of concern – this could well result in the difference between life and death – will vary wildly.


Gun Rights/Ownership Organizations:
  Gun Owners of America
  National Rifle Association
  The Second Amendment Foundation
  Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  The Firearms Coalition
  U.S. Concealed-Carry Association
  The International Defensive Pistol Association
  Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps
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Sites For Firearms And Personal Defense Information:
  Gun Pundits
  Learn About Guns
  NFA (National Firearms Act) Gun Trust Lawyer Blog
  The National Rifle Association Blog
  Gun Nuts
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Utah Concealed Carry Permit Information:

Bureau of Criminal Identification
PO Box 148280
3888 W. 5400 S.
SLC, UT. 84114-8280
Laura Gayler – Program Coordinator

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Benton County, Oregon Concealed-Carry Contact Information:
  Benton County Sheriff’s Office
5th. Street
Corvallis, OR
Katie – Concealed-Carry Permits
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