Concealed-Carry Handgun Permit Qualification

Defensive Rifles

Defensive rifles vs shotguns and handguns: The rifle is more accurate than the shotgun and much more accurate than a handgun. It also holds many more rounds than either a pistol or a scattergun. What separates these rifles from regular long guns is their minimal-length barrels of 16". Four, below, have folding or collapsible stocks which additionally reduces their length. They should not be of small, rim fire, calibers, due to very limited stopping power. They have an overall reduced length because they are used/stored in places where personal defense could be necessary: a vehicle trunk or back seat, a dresser drawer or closet or at one’s bedside, etc. So as not to draw attention #5, #6, and #7 can be transported in a Head tennis racquet case or any number of small musical instrument cases. A laptop case is large enough to hide/transport #9. Downside – unlike a handgun they can’t be concealed on a person’s body. Upside – again, they are many times more accurate and more easily shot, than a handgun, for the average person. The cross-section of defensive rifles below are all of a caliber very capable of stopping a large and determined person with one center-mass shot. All except #1 is semi-automatic and have very high capacity magazines.

  1. Savage, .Model 99, 308 cal., lever-action, six shot. This is the cartridge used by a number of our military and police sniper rifles and can be used to hunt large animals … like elk.
  2. AR-15. .50 cal. Beowulf, made by Beowulf / Bushmaster, 13 rounds, fires a 334 to 600 grain bullet that can stop vehicles by breaking their engine block or it can penetrate brick walls. Developed by US Special Forces during the first Gulf War for house-to-house fighting and designed to guarantee a first round “stop.”
  3. AR-15 with rigid stock. This version is made by Olympic Arms. 223 / 5.56mm cal., 30 or 40 rounds, with flash suppressor. This weapon, with a full-automatic selector switch, has been the standard rifle of the US military since 1965 and is now globally manufactured by at least 70 companies. Very common, worldwide.
  4. AR-15 with collapsible stock. This version,” The Minuteman,” is a “high end” rifle made by Next Generation Arms and is ceramic-coated for an extremely long life and smooth operation. 223 cal. / 5.56mm, 30 or 40 rounds.
  5. Kel-Tec C-16. Under six pounds empty, .223 cal. / 5.56mm, 30 rounds, folding stock, can be fired (as seen below) as a pistol, 23” long and easily concealed.
  6. AK-50 (AK-47 with paratrooper stock), 7.62 x 39mm (.30 cal.), made since 1947, very common worldwide, all steel, 11+ pounds, 25” long and rather easily concealed.
  7. FN PS-90, recently developed in Belgium, “.223 / 5.56mm ‘Short,’ (one half the length of a normal .223 / 5.56mm round),” 50 rounds in top/horizontal magazine, optical dot sight (same weapon used in the Star Gate TV series), light, easily concealed.
  8. Beretta CX4 “Storm.” .40 cal., 30 rounds, Red Dot optical sight.
  9. Kel-Tec 2000. .40 cal., 16 rounds, very light and small (16” long when folded), will fit into a laptop satchel.
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