Concealed-Carry Handgun Permit Qualification

Information and To Register for a
Concealed Carry Permit

To Register: Read the following, then complete the form at the bottom.
To see information and requirements for this class, please see our Class Content page

When the form is completed and sent you will be registered with, and in the data base of, ShootBane Concealed-Carry Classes.

From that point forward, until you take the class or request to be removed from the ShootBane Upcoming Class Notification List, you will be notified (1-4 weeks prior to each upcoming class) at the email address you provided in the form below.

Just wait for notification of a class that best suits your schedule and request a position, or positions, in that particular class.

Precautionary Note: If interested in a class that has been posted, contact us at once and reserve a position. Many classes, in the past 15 years, have filled and closed within an hour of posting – some within 10 minutes – 85% of them within 24 hours.

When do we hold classes?

Most of our classes are held April thru September due to our nine lane, covered, shooting range being outdoors and Oregon's warmest / driest / calmest weather being present during that 4-6 month time frame.

Some classes are scheduled during the chilly / damp / windy months of October thru March if a rare but suitable Saturday or Sunday can be predicted by the weather-guessers a week or so in advance.

However, If Requested …

  • We will hold a class anytime
  • At any time of the day (just so the six hour class ends before dark)
  • On any day of the week
  • During almost any dry weather day
  • If a minimum of five candidates make the request (a full class is nine shooters)
  • And if that group convinces us they don't mind weather conditions that can be chilly and / or breezy and / or damp.
To request information or contact us via email:
email ShootBane at : Request@ShootBane.com

Concealed Carry Permit Registration Form

Please note: We do not sell or share names, numbers or any information supplied by ShootBane.com visitors.

To be notified 1-4 weeks before each class is scheduled, the following  Registration Information is required:

These 3 Items are Required


Would you be available EITHER on a Saturday or a Sunday:
What day Would you NOT be available:


What class are you interested in:
Concealed Carry Permit:


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