Concealed-Carry Handgun Permit Qualification

Class Comments

The following comments came from class members from past classes. This information will be updated regularly to keep the post fresh and up-to-date.

Shoot Bane

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This section was added in the 2012 season - as we get more comments, they will be added below - please check back..... ShootBane
Initials Class Date Comments
T & G 05.12.12 Thanks for the great class - top notch!
RS & MS 04.14.12 We really had a good time getting concealed-carry qualified and have received our Oregon permit already (just waiting to file the UTAH papers) and feel your tutelage was very valuable. Especially the part of what to do getting pulled over which normally never happens to me but ... I did get pulled over recently between Bend and Burns on our way to pick my youngest from the Boise Bible College. I will tell you the story when I get up there to see you in the coming weeks. My wife has since bought a shotgun (not from you - bad lady) and given me permission to start saving my lunch money for one of Don's AR's!
Be Well,
updated: 05.23.12

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